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Existing Roller Shutter Automation and Alterations Service from The Roller Shutter Specialists.



Roller Shutter Automation / Conversion

Existing manually operated or push-up type roller shutter systems can more often than not be converted to effortless electric operation. This can be by means of light-duty inboard motors or heavy-duty / high use outboard motors.


The Roller Door Installer offer this service all across North Wales. Control options can include push button switch, key switch and remote control.


All roller shutter automations over a doorway or pedestrian area by  the Roller Door Installer will include, a manual over-ride with crank so you can gain access / lock up during a power-cut as well as an anti-drop safety brake device to prevent uncontrolled closure.


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Roller Shutter Alteration

Need a roller shutter taken down or dismantling safely and professionally? Want to make your roller shutter smaller or change it's sizes? Big or small, one call does it all!


We can also take down and re-fit existing roller shutters to new or different openings or even different sites completely!


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