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More than just nuts & bolts! Full roller shutter servicing in Wales from the roller door installer offers more...



Are your existing roller shutters difficult to operate? Have you lost faith in your existing roller shutter and think it might need a service? Don't wait until it's too late, The Roller Door Installer can help!


The Health & Safety Executive recognise a roller shutter door as a piece of work equipment. If you're an employer you have a duty of care to your employees to ensure that the equipment they use for work is safe and fit for purpose.


The best way for you to demonstrate this is through a regular service agreement. Electric roller shutters doors are formerly classed as machines, so it is important that yours are looked after. Regular servicing by the Roller Door Installer (typically every 12 months) gives you 3 things: -


  1. It ensures you are conforming to PUWER (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulation) - the guidelines set out by the HSE.

  2. It helps to prolong your roller shutter door's service life and also helps prevent surprising retro-spective repairs - very often we fix things on a standard service that, if left, would have resulted in further damage or a complete roller shutter door failure, which equals increased maintenance costs!

  3. It gives you a reliable point of contact that knows you, your business and your site. This means that should you suffer a complete roller shutter break-down, we're on hand with the correct equipment and parts at pre-agreed discounted rates.


The Roller Door Installer offer our great roller shutter service all over North Wales, we also offer a free assessment and quotation service so why not contact us today?


You can also call us anytime on 01248 800 248.



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